Why I Would NOT Want to Hire an SEO Company.

Mar 10, 2008

But I would.  Hire an SEO company.  I just wouldn’t enjoy it. Search Engine Optimization is based on results like any other marketing channel. I’ve hired companies to handle all sorts of marketing from email, to print ads and yes, search engine optimization.

Some forms of marketing intend an immediate result. I place a print ad; I expect a call or a visit to my website.  If my phone doesn’t ring I make changes until I find what works.  Different paper, different copy,
different type of ad.   But if I buy a list from a vendor and don’t get results, I may make some changes but I expect the problem is really the list.

When I hire an SEO company, I expect results.  I expect to see my site rank in certain places.  When it doesn’t, I want an explanation.  It takes 6 months is not the answer I’m looking for, and after 6 months without results, I find myself impatient with a lack of results.

But now after 5 years of doing my own SEO, I can verify that time frame.  I know there are certain basics of site optimization that form a foundation of rankings, and I know the more competitive an industry the more important the smaller factors of Optimization become.

That’s why I would hire an SEO company, to handle the small stuff, like link building, directory submissions, and site growth.  I just hate waiting for the results. And I hate not getting results.  The pain of hiring an SEO company is finding one that will be effective.

Next time I’ll discuss what to look for when hiring an SEO company.