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Quick WordPress Tips

As a site owner and a site designer I know how easy it is to forget regular maintenance tasks.  Consider this your

Website for FL GC Exam Prep

It started out simple and turned into a membership site.   We were able to keep it simple using membership plug-ins and some

4 Seas International Shipping

Check out the shipping site.  One of the benefits of being a marketing and design firm is meeting a variety of

John the Life Coach

A brilliant Life Coach and sought after mentor, John Geraghty wanted a site that best showcased his business and life coaching services with

Intentional CEO Microsite

One of the first microsites WebManna designed… The Intentional CEO is a blogsite for a CEO coach who wants to start promoting

We love working with local businesses especially those who seek to contribute to others. Partnering with Michelle at was fun and

Customers are Not Always Right

When it comes to marketing, websites and blogs, customers often lead with their heart. Everything from, wanting white text on a black background to changing the shade of red 5 times to get it right. What seems “right” now might not be what’s best for site visitors. Designing a site for visitors that captures the goals and branding of the site owner is our job. So what do we do when the client wants to micromanage the project?


We designed and since redesigned to showcase our dogs and the training and dog sports we play including agility, canine disc