Social Media Optimization

Dec 17, 2009

Every day for the past year or so my mailbox and the sites I use as resources have been filled with social marketing propaganda.  I remember thinking years ago when I had my first blog that if you did it right, you could become famous.  Now I spend time more coaching clients on being a blog celebrity or internet guru than optimizing websites.

Just like SEO, SMO is as much an art as it is a science.  There is a formula for success and that formula is fairly well know by this point.  IF it is so well known why isn’t everyone a social media SMOfamous and wealthy web personality?  Because it’s a lot like poker, the best players don’t always win, you often need some luck on your side as well.

Our clients generally are not looking to be internet superstars (though a few are and will be), nope, most of our clients are too busy offering products and services and managing businesses to dive into the social media game.  So their modest goal is to increase their exposure to potential clients to improve revenue.

Common concerns are often:

  • Upfront costs for a branded customized social based website or blogsite
  • The risks of being social and negatively impacting their business
  • The time required to be socially successful on the web
  • and that they are just not “cool” enough to make an impression

Well here are some responses to those concerns that are worth considering.

The Cost of Being Social

You already know that everything costs something and generally the more you want to make the more you need to spend.  That being said, there is possibly nothing cheaper in an advertising sense than building a free blog and writing posts.  Tumblr will even host it free for you on your own custom domain.  And a customized branded blog site should cost you less than the html sites you paid for a few years ago so it’s not that expensive.  Considering how much more time people spend on Facebook than google search, a social focus might bring in the bacon better than that old site. (Not just might, it will)

embarrassed manBeing Socially Embarrassed

This one is pretty simple.  Use your brain.  Oh and by the way…some people are making millions being idiots, being confrontational, rude, callous, vulgar, offering TMI.  Maybe the fact that you drink like a fish and play poker every Friday will do more good than harm.  You might discover a niche group of people who share your interests and trust you to provide them a product or service.  Now I am not advocating opening your life to the world, I am just saying that sometimes transparency works.  And it’s a web based world my friends, your crap could make it on the internet whether you like it or not so live, connect, and communicate as best suits your best interests.  I believe that the best application of social marketing happens when the marketer really unabashedly loves what they do.  If you want to keep your personal life and social business life separate that should not be any problem.  There are always risks, yet you drive your car anyway.

Time is a Valuable Resource

And we could all stand a few lessons on better time management.  On the other hand, as long as you are doing what you love and satisfied then who cares?  Do you know how much time it takes to do social marketing?  Probably not.  And like everything else you have ever done, it will take some time to learn, adapt and master whatever you are up to.  So the time thing is usually a lame excuse or just plain ignorance and you probably can’t afford either of those considering how precious little time we have.  So make it count!

I am Not That Cool

Well there is a chance you are cool to somebody.  Do you know how many people are on the planet (and have access to the web)!  A LOT, that’s how many and I promise you there are people who will think you are cool.   You need to get to a Tony Robbins seminar immediately and throw out that inferiority complex.  You are very cool and it is about time you let other people know it!  Maybe you are not the best room worker or public speaker, but you know something and that something is what you have to share with the world.

Get a blog, get on Facebook, write great content and get social.  Don’t be a newspaper!