Smell My Car Lame

Mar 21, 2010

As a once enthusiastic and now bored to sleep Nascar fan, I forced myself to watch the Bristol race where I saw on a car.  I was just awake enough to catch it and just bored enough to check it out online.  Checking out the site I was immediately annoyed and wanted to know who to blame.  I was annoyed because I took the time to check the site out and it was a busy vomitous blur.

Selling unique car smelly thingies is not exactly a glamorous job.  This site takes that seriously by avoiding glamorous and going straight for blech.  It’s not all terrible to be fair, just mostly.   Rather than pick out all the elements and explain them I will just list a few and move on to my real annoyance.

No clear call to action
Too many colors are distracting
Lack of info on the product that would compel me to purchase
Why would I sign up for their newsletter?
I do not understand the product images
Why list diffusers if you have none?

Anyway, that’s enough of that.  What really bugs me is that this site was not set up to make the most of the potential traffic arriving from the advertising.  That bugs me because businesses spend a lot of money for advertising to have it be poorly executed is frustrating.  I really feel for the clients who tell us their horror stories of past experiences, money wasted. So they come to us skeptical and maybe a little jaded and I don’t blame them.

So who’s to blame?   .speedwaymarketingsolutions dot com  I’m not even going to give them a link.  What really fires me up? Their own site is incomplete! Lorem Ipsum my friends! Or did you mean to have latin hyperlink son your website?

I am probably being to hard on the speedwaymarketing company.  I’m sure they are very busy, hopefully they did their best, maybe they are just getting started… I can only imagine what a creative and thorough team could have done with that campaign.  Some effective design work and calls to action, some attention to selling and not just trying to “look cool”.

Every business deserves a site that can effectively convert visitors who are potential clients for the products and services offered.