Facebook and Your Blog

Jan 22, 2010

This is not a post about how important and valuable Facebook can be to growing your business. This is also not a rant about how difficult and convoluted the facebook interface can be sometimes. Nope this is a quick tutorial on importing your blog into your facebook page.

1. RSS  – You will need the RSS feed from your blog.  This is what you will import into your facebook page.

2. Click on the Notes tab at the top of your page.

3. Click on “Write a New Note”

4. Click on “Edit Notes” Icon

5. You will see a box under “Write a New Note” labeled “Notes Settings” with a link that says “import blog”

mine says “edit import settings” because I am already importing a blog.

6. Click “import blog” and add your rss feed and follow the Facebook  instructions from there.

It’s your Facebook account and blog so you can do whatever you want but I suggest you add the blog import to your “fan page” and not your personal wall.  You can manage that by using the notes tab at the top of the page and not the one at the bottom of the page.