Custom Website and Blog Design

Sep 01, 2010

You need a website and/or a blog that best represents your business and services to your customers, web visitors.  And let’s be honest, looking better than the competition doesn’t hurt either.  So don’t pay thousands or even hundreds to shammy or scammy site designers.  You deserve a great site customized to show off your business.

If your marketing company has a lame website, this dramatically increases the odds that you will too!

There are thousands and thousands of web designers out there and some of them are brilliant. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to website design.

Check out their portfolio?
Do you own the site design and files?
Is the site compatible with your intended host?
Look for a median price, not to cheap and not to expensive.
And finally, watch out for designers who can’t code, coders who can’t design, and designers and coders who have no idea about site optimization.

Get the skinny on WebManna in North Palm Beach Florida and see if they have the right stuff to design your website. Click on the banner to check out the portfolio.  OR check out our posts on web design.