Branding in 2008

Mar 01, 2008

What will it take to get your company branded in 2008?  It will take a very smart plan.  We need to know what it is you are branding before we can devise and implement a strategy to get you in front of your intended audience.

Used to be you could be in the paper, the mail or on the TV and you could create a brand awareness for your company, service or product.  Now there are so many competing channels for marketing you could end up being too broad, too thin, too narrow, or too quiet.  There are millions of websites to visit, communities to participate in, channels and movies to watch, cell phone ads to view, mail to ignore…

There is so much advertising noise that branding is going to require a much more targeted look at the following:

  1. Who is your audience
  2. Where are they most likely to look most often
  3. What message is most likely to get their attention

Demographics are more important than ever.   And so is your message.  With 5 people yelling at you how do you choose who to listen to? Figure out how to deliver your message, who you want to receive it, and where you should place your message and you will be branded.