Adding a FaceBook Fan Page

Mar 05, 2010

Our neighbors in West Palm Beach, our family around the country and our friends around the world are all using Facebook.  Once just a great social tool for friends and family has become a powerful resource for businesses.  And now that Google is indexing updates on pages, there is more reason than ever to get your business a page.  At a recent BNI meeting in Palm Beach Gardens (shout out to GoTo Group), one of the members mentioned they did not have a page yet for their business.  I promised a quick and easy tutorial for creating the fan page and you can watch it below.  (make sure to push the full screen button on bottom right of player).  You could also use this link to the Facebook Fan Page Tutorial.

Here is a brief summary of the video:

Go to your profile
Click on Pages -> Create Page
Fan yourself, add a picture, edit info
Add some status updates
Share with your friends
Get 25 fans so you can create a custom URL  (Go to

We’d love to have you as friends and fans!  You can become a fan of WebManna by visiting Of course you need to have a Facebook account/profile to become a fan.