6 Minutes of Posting Tips

Apr 28, 2010

Ok a lot to cover in 6 minutes so let’s jump right in.  First watch the video.   Then read below.

Quick Posting Tips


  • Start with an interesting title using keywords.
  • Make a bold statement – back it up and then say more about it with bullet points.
  • A link to a page or post on your site and a link to a 3rd party site (opens in a new window).
  • add pictures

More Posting tips:

If the post is more than 2 paragraphs use another pic on the page

format the pics to be an appropriate size

Start and finish whatever you write with your keywords.

Bonus tips:

  • There are plugins you can add to help with SEO of your blog
  • You can have your blog update your facebook fan page

Closing Zinger:

Include an offer or a call to action in your posts – for example a post about pricing for shirts – show a picture of a recent shirt design – make an offer like every 4th shirt free – and tell them to call or contact you and mention that post to take advantage of the offer.

Get the reader involved.  Ask them to tell their friends, to comment on your post, to check you out on Facebook, etc.

Want some more specific tips for your posting? I can help! Shoot me an email or call me with a question or two and let’s work on it together.

Ok so that was more like 8 minutes of posting tips. Now go write a post!